We are willing to serve your valued and prestigious company on the basis of  our top quality products on very reasonable prices, with in-time delivery, which are also the motto of our organization. 
        Sialkot started producing surgical instruments and exporting to all over the world. Production  of  surgical  instruments.

The  wealth  of   hardworking,  knowledge  and  dexterity   of   craftsmen  in  improving   the   products  that  have  helped  to create the best quality Instruments which comply with all  the requirements  of  most   modern  human care sector.

       Now  the  fourth  generation of Pisces Eye Instruments have  taken  over the  enterprise. And   with  all   innovative concepts,   coping   up  fast  changes  of  time. Intensive  research and  development is being carried out to  find  the  new solutions  for  doctors  and Eye Surgeons.

      The low cost of skilled labor combined with premium quality Eye Instruments gives "Pisces" a distinct edge over its competitors who are unable to match the quality, price and customization that  "Pisces" delivers in producing quality Eye Instruments.

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